Guide to Things You Need to Know Before Your Cruise

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What comes to your mind when you think of a cruise? Sparkly pools? Rolling waves? Or swirling nightclubs? For a gambler, there is more than that. However, there are some things you need to know before your cruise.

What are chances of winning?

Just like your local or an online casino, chances of winning on gambling on a cruise ship are the same. However, you have to know that the odds mostly favor the operators of the ship. You should not have very high expectations. Just start as a fun. If you take it as a get-rich-fast scheme, you will end up losing all your cash. Be careful.


There are no free drinks unless if they are included with the cruise. You have to set extra budget to sip while you are gambling.


You are not allowed to smoke at any place. Some designated areas have been set aside for the smoking purpose. However, some cruises are very strict and will not allow that at all. If you are a smoker, you have to inquire before boarding a cruise to getting into problems.


Gambling while the ship is at the dock is not allowed. You can start gambling only when the ship gets on international waters.


You will mostly find newbies on gambling cruises. This is because it is not open at all times for instance when on the dock. Seasoned gamblers will not want to be restricted when to gamble and therefore will mostly prefer to use the local or online casino. This makes a cruise ship good for those starting out in the gambling world as they can gain ground without losing a lot to the pros in the gambling world.

Frequency of ship on sea

As stated earlier, ships are not allowed to conduct gambling activities while on the dock. You should therefore know how frequent the ship will be in the sea to plan when to gamble. If you want to gamble a lot, go for a cruise that will be out on the sea most of the time.

Set a budget

When most gamblers lose, they will try to gamble more to recover the money they have lost. Most players will board a cruise with cash on hand with the perception that this is a confined place and they will not have access to more money should the cash on hand be lost. However, you can still access your money since most cruises have ATM for participants to use. Being disciplined, planning your budget, and gamble what you can afford to lose is the only way out.


Now you have the things you need to know before your cruise to make your gambling a way of making your vacation enjoyable.

We hope you enjoyed this guide!

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