What are the Requirements for Legal Gambling on a Cruise

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If you are a gambler, there is no a better way of spending your vacation than gambling on a cruise. You will get everything you can get from your local or an online casino. However, there are some regulations which are not the same as those in your typical online gambling casino. Below is a guide to legal gambling on a cruise.

Ship Ownership

The basic rule in cruise gambling is that the ship is considered to be an extension of the nation of the flag it is sailing with. This means that all the rules that apply in your country concerning gambling are applied. However, there is an exception when it gets to international waters.

Gambling Time

When the cruise ship docks, all the gambling activities are stopped. This is done for it to adhere to the regulations governing the local gambling. You should, therefore, plan other things during this time. It is also helps you to relax your mind or give you time to enjoy a little bit of what you have profited during the cruise. Also, if you have lost a lot, it is also a great way of letting your mind settle and go back to the drawing board to enable you to come up with a strategy to help you win.

Age limit

Just like the most online gambling casinos which require participants to be of 21 years of age and above, gambling on a cruise ship requires the same. However, this can vary depending on where the vessel has been registered (country) and the water it’s cruising in. For instance, there are some countries which have dropped the age limit to 18 years where if the ship travels in their water, then the 18 years are considered eligible to participate.


The issue of whether you have to pay taxes on your winning depends on the amount you have won and the country the ship belongs to or the waters it is sailing in. If you have won a huge amount of cash in a single day, the casino operators may be compelled to report to the country if there are rules requiring winners to pay taxes. You will get forms on the cruise ships detailing the amount that is taxable if at all there are taxes involved.


Understanding the requirements for legal gambling on a cruise can make you avoid trouble with the authorities. With the above guide, you will are well covered for a smooth cruise gambling.

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