The Do’s and Don’ts on Your Cruise

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A cruise vacation is something all of us look forward to at least once in a lifetime. Just watching the beautiful sea and the open sky, enjoying delicious dinner, watching a show, and meeting new people, these are amongst a few things that make cruising so much fun. However, there are also a few things you need to follow, things that you must do, and things that you mustn’t while on a ship. If it is your first time and you are
not aware then the below given list of do and don’t on your cruise will prove
to be of great help.

Do –

Give attention to the safety drill

The safety drill is the time when you need to do nothing else but pay the fullest attention to whatever the crew is saying. This, in fact, is the only time they will request your attention and want you to be quiet. Not only does it display your mannerisms, but you also get to learn what you need to do in case of an emergency. This can even save your life or someone else’s.

Follow the given dress code

Obviously, you would want to fully relax on your vacation and though that is completely okay throughout the day, when you enter the dining room, follow the given dress code. If you do not want to follow such code then it will be best to order and have food in your cabin itself or opt for a cruise line that has no such dress codes.

Try online gambling first

If the cruise line you have selected allows gambling, then you sure can be ready for some extra fun. However, if you are gambling for the first time and do not have much knowledge about it then it will be a good idea to try your luck first. To do so, you can first play a game or two in online casinos, and if luck seems to favor you, then place some bets on your cruise casino.

Don’t –

Ignore any rules

Following the rules not only displays good manners, it also helps everyone around be safe and healthy. Do not light candles in your cabin to set up a romantic mood, follow the smoking rules, and follow every other rule you are requested to.

Make noise while in the hallway

You can scream and enjoy while in the pool, and laugh loudly while watching a show, but when in your cabin or the hallways be soft while speaking.

Let your kids go wild

Cruise line usually has activities to keep the little ones busy, but when they are only in your company you must make sure they are not shouting and running here and there and disturbing others.

Following these rules is pretty easy. Together with showing how well-behaved you are, it allows others to have fun, enjoy peace of mind, and enjoy their cruising vacation as much as you do.

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